Boom Beach Cheats

Get Boom Beach Cheats and Enjoy the Resources for Free

Boom Beach is a mobile strategy video game for iOS and Android. It was launched in Canada on 11 November 2013 and developed by Supercell. It was among the top 10 best games in 22 countries. It has earned a 7/10 rating by IGN.

The game is set in a background of archipelago. The player is set on an island with defences and troops. It requires the player to collect resources to upgrade troops and buildings. The resources are gold, wood, stone and iron. Diamonds are awarded for certain accomplishments.

Diamonds are acquired by purchasing them using money or by clicking on the treasure boxes. It speeds up the game for achieving success in the game. Diamonds are not easy to buy here. A player with no diamonds in hand is more likely to fail in the game.

Boom Beach Hack

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Features of Boom Beach Cheats

  1. Diamonds generator
  2. Resources adder (Wood, Iron and Stone)
  3. Gold generator
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Boom Beach Cheats

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Castle Clash Review

Detailed Review of Castle Clash

If you are an online gamer, you definitely adore strategical games because they lack monotony and it gets you involved fully as if you are in the battle ground for real. The great thing about online games is that each and every other time, a new improved version is always released hence you fall for it, you will continue for years as they are an addictive game.

One of the best strategical game that involves fighting in the battle filed and has receive global recognition is Castle Clash. Its an adventurous game that consist of several units that you can use for the game play.By mastering its tips and tricks, you will win it big in this fighting game.

For a successful gameplay in Castle Clash, the most used characters are the Heroes. Many players also use the free Castle Clash hack at to generate unlimited resources for their accounts.

Castle Clash

Who are Heroes?

In Castle Clash, they are a special unit that are always used when one wants to win the game the easy way. They do always fight in the arena which does take place in Hero Bases.

Who do Heroes Do?

There main target are in challenging a boss, raids, torch battles, dungeons and also in heroes expeditions. For every Hero, they have no option but to start from level 1. Each and everyone will be given a unique talent which is often awarded randomly.

How to Increase Hero’s Level

The obvious way to increase its level is to make sure that they are able to tackle the likes of the dungeons and the raids. They will also gain an additional level when they consume the Tomes. When a hero gets to the 20th level, there will be a star sign which basically implies that it need Fire, Gold and Honor Badges. If you fail to honor that request to upgrade your hero, just know that it will no longer enjoy any new experience.

Ways of Purchasing New Heroes

There are many resources that are used in Castle Clash for purchasing these characters as you are going to see. Gems have been known to be used in purchasing them.In most cases, by using a Gem, you have a 5% chance of winning a legendary hero, Elite Hero probability with Gem is about 60% while getting Crystal Ooze is about 85%.

Honor Badges can be used to get an ordinary or a slime type of Hero. The chances of getting an Elite or Legendary hero using honor badges is very low yet it can sometime help you get them.

Shards can also be used in purchasing them but you are limited to which type of Hero to purchase.

What about the Hero Cards? Through gambling, you can also get various type of Heroes.

Castle Clash Conclusion

The secret to playing Castle Clash is to repetitively engage in it more and more. By doing that you will automatically learn the tips and tricks used for winning this game play. Many have tried their chance in Castle Clash and they have come out as winners. Its time you should also join the bandwagon of extreme gamers who enjoy what the internet does offer.

Hay Day – Things To Know

Hay Day Introduction

Hay Day is a farming game that has garnered the favor of many gaming enthusiasts globally. The game is ever engaging and for this reason, its popularity is growing tremendously. In this game, you gather resources and trade them with your neighbors using your roadside shop with the aim of getting more coins and diamonds.

The more coins and diamonds you get, the more favorable you are to compete with other online players. The game is downloadable on android devices, such as iPhone and iPad for free. Also make sure to use a Hay Day hack at start, you’ll get free resources with them.

Hay Day

How to Play Hay Day?

As a player, you take over a farm from Greg who is unable to manage it any more. This means that you must employ effective strategies to harvest the crops and feed the animals that live there. You will also be required to manage everything in the farm so that you get maximum output from it.

It is important to note that the strategy that you employ in doing all these things determine your progress in the game. You must focus at getting the maximum number of coins and diamonds but never exploit this farm.

What Makes the Game Popular?

  • The game is not so far away from reality. Many people enjoy when playing in a real environment rather than an entire fiction environment.

Pros of the game

  • The game provides you with a wide variety of choices on how to run the farm. This gives you a chance to choose the option that is idyllic for you.
  • It has easy and effective controls. The game features touch screen controls that are easy to use and responds instantly.
  • The game has a cute environment that every player will love. Interacting in such natural gorgeous surroundings gives satisfaction. There are also nice looking animals that complete an amazing look.
  • The game allows you to trade goods with other players hence giving you a chance to progress in a steady quick pace.
  • It has graphics which are standard.

Cons of the Game

  • Some people have complained about the originality of this game. There have been critics that this game is not original.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. How are the animals fed?

A. 1. There is a feed mill under the buildings tab in the shop. Tab on the feed mill and move the animals that you want to feed here. You can harvest your crops and use them to feed the animals.

Q. 2. What are the best crops to plant?

A. 2. Crops that earn good cash, such as tomatoes are the best to plant. They are very valuable and you will make a lot of money once you harvest them.


It goes without saying that Hay Day is a game that is worth your time. The game is registering more fans and this trend is up and running. However, there have been critics about it but its rising popularity has spelled doom to those critics.

Are these the last days of the game or its leaves will continue spreading? Time will tell.

Clash of Clans – A Detailed Overview

Clash of Clans

Managing resources, making buildings to acquire even more to spend, and managing soldiers, even upgrading them; most of your time will be spent doing this in Clash of Clans.

This game for Android and iOS certainly wasn’t the first one to engage the idea of strategy, but with many interesting features like an altogether new combat angle, and its ability to engage audience with a different approach to the empire-building genre, it is one of the most downloaded and played games. Many people also use a free hack Clash of Clans gems.

Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans wasn’t the first in the line. When the other games in this genre were involved more into money making-focusing more on filling their pockets than engaging the vast audience. The players were eventually getting dissatisfied, and this is when this game knocked at the door.

But this didn’t stop the other makers to try a hand, some of them got success too, but Clash of Clans focused on other things than money making and had a bunch of new and interesting features.

What Makes it Different?

The new combat system in this game allows the players to build barracks so that they can send their army to campaigns and attack the enemy territories. The enemies can attack you and then you’ve to defend your territory from cannon balls. It’s not a new idea but its execution in the game gives it a new dimension. You can also build villages and see them grow, although it may take some time in the game. You can anytime view your battlefield and see your warriors fighting. You can command them, train them with new skills, and provide them with different instructions. Or you can destroy enemy buildings to add resources to your inventory and increase your in-game points.

Battling Online

The action isn’t just limited to the single player mode on your screen. You can go online (a high speed connection is recommended) and battle with real people, making your own strategies and countering theirs. There are different possibilities too. You can form an alliance with the others and lead your soldiers on a conquest. The game works on reliable servers and you wouldn’t have to go through any hindrance while making this game go online.

Gameplay Graphics

It doesn’t hurt your eyes and comes with decent game-play and graphics, though the animations aren’t much. The architecture in the game are nicely designed and you’ll get to see more of them as you explore around in the game, loitering on the map. You can spend your resources in the game by building your own architecture to fort your soldiers and inventory. In many ways, the game does justice to its title and is different and interesting than many other games in this genre. The developer team is punctual with releasing new updates and fixing the bugs.

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is an addition to the list of games by which people are lured to pay a little more from their wallet to experience the depth of the game, which in many ways is worth it. The game has gone through the wrath of time and still manages to engage a large and active community who hope to attain invincibility by building strong fortresses.